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展会日期 2017-09-19 至 2017-09-21
展会城市 广州市
展会地址 中国进出口商品交易会展馆-(广州.琶洲)
展馆名称 中国进出口商品交易会展馆-(广州.琶洲)
主办单位 中国出入境检验检疫协会
承办单位 上海高登商业展览有限公司
官方网站 http://www.fmachina.cn
FMA China 2017

The 3rd China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition 2017
and International import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit

September 19-21, 2017
China import and Export Fair Complex-GUANGZHOU
批准单位 | Approved by:
中华人民共和国商务部 | Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
国家质量监督检验检疫总局 | General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and  
支持单位Supported by:
中国国家认证认可监督管理委员会 | Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s  
Republic of China
主办单位 | osted by:
中国出入境检验检疫协会 | China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
承办单位 | Organized by:
上海高登商业展览有限公司 | Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.
协办单位 | Co-organized by:
国家质检总局标准法规中心 | International Standards & Technical Regulations Research Center of  
各地检验检疫局 | Local Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus
各地检验检疫协会 | Local Inspection and Quarantine Associations
国外协办单位 | Overseas Co-organized by:
德国肉类与奶业协会 | German Meat and Dairy Association
德国家禽业协会 | German Poultry Association
法国猪业联盟 | INAPORC
法国农业食品委员会 | Conseil Agro-alimentaire France-Chine
西班牙肉类协会 | Spanish Meat Association
美国肉类出口协会 | U.S. Meat Export Federation
美国食品农产品出口联盟 | U.S. Food and Agriculture Export Alliance
丹麦农业与食品委员会 | Danish Agriculture & Food Council
澳洲肉类及畜牧业协会 | Meat and Livestock Australia
新西兰肉类行业协会 | New Zealand Meat Industry Association
波兰国家家禽商会 | National Poultry Council Chamber of Commerce of Poland
巴西动物蛋白协会 | Brazilian Association of Animal Protein
巴西牛肉出口协会 | Brazilian Beef Exporters Association

展会概括 | Exhibition Background
中国国际食品、肉类及水产品展览会(简称FMA CHINA)是经国家质检总局与商务部批准并给予支持的重要会 展活动。作为中国食品、肉类、水产品与乳品行业的专业国际贸易采购交易会与海外企业拓展中国市场的重要平台,FMA  CHINA已在上海成功举办两届,累计展出面积超过50,000平方米,来自德国、法国、西班牙、丹麦、巴西、澳大利亚、美国、新 西兰等数十个国家和地区的食品、肉类、水产及乳品等领域行业协会组团前来参展,其中包括德国通内斯公司、丹麦皇冠集团、 西班牙Vall集团、Jorge集团、荷兰菲仕兰公司、雀巢集团、欧密斯集团、LOSTE集团、批尼集团、印度阿兰娜集团、中粮集团 、双汇集团、众品集团、正大集团、上海水产集团、美国惠氏公司、中外运普菲斯公司等国内外知名企业,近50,000名国内外食 品饮料领域的专业买家亲临现场参观采购。展会同期还举办了国际进出口食品政策与法律法规交流会、法国乳品专场推荐论坛、 中澳活畜贸易及法律法规研讨会、中法牛肉贸易恳谈会、国际航空食品卫生监管质量控制工作研讨会、特色餐饮发展创新论坛暨颁 奖会、中国枸杞产业发展高峰论坛、中国进口食材品鉴会及国际旅游餐饮服务买家见面会等多场论坛活动,得到了众多国际组织与 行业同仁的关注。
The China International Food, Meat & Aquatic Products Exhibition (FMA CHINA) is a significant  
exhibition approved and supported by the Ministryof Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the General Administration of Quality  Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People'sRepublic of China, which also serves as a professional international sourcing fair in Chinese  food, meat, aquatic and dairy industries as well as an important platform for foreign enterprises to expand market in China. FMA CHINA exhibition has  so far held two sessions successfully in Shanghai,with an accumulative total exhibition area of over 50,000 square meters, attracted thousands of  outstanding suppliers of import food, meat, aquatic products and diary food to participate in this fair such as Toennies, Danish Crown, Grupo Vall Companys, Group Jorge, Friso, Nestle, OLMIX,LOSTE, Pini Group, ALLANASONS, COFCO Group, SHUANGHUI GROUP, Zhongpin Group, Chia Tai Group,  SFGC, Wyeth, Sino TransPFS etc.from dozens of countries and regions such as Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Brazil,  Australia, America and New Zealand. Nearly 50,000 domestic and overseas professional buyers have taken part in the fair for visiting and  purchasing. The Exhibition has won great support from overseas organizations.Furthermore the International import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit, the French Dairy Product Recommend Forum, the Sino-Australian Livestock Trade and Laws & Regulations Seminar, the Sino- French Beef Trade Conference, the Aviation Food Hygiene Supervision and Quality Control Seminar, the Characteristics Catering Development  & Innovation Forum, the China Wolfberry Industry Development Forum, the Tasting of China import Food, the International Traveling and  Catering Service Buyer’s Presentation etc. havebeen held concurrently which caught great concern from multiple international organizations and  industry colleagues.
新的机遇 | New Opportunity
2017 FMA CHINA将在原有的基础上大幅度提升规模、档次及专业买家的邀请,力争在规模及观众数量上同比 
有较大提升,参展商数量同比增长80%,专业观众数量同比增长120%。主承办方将依托强大的中国市场需求平台, 全力打造2017年09月19-21日在广州召开的FMA CHINA2017采购交易会,力争将展会办成亚太地区具有顶级影响力的 进口食品、肉类、水产品及乳品行业盛会,为世界各国食品、肉类、水产品及乳品企业提供难得的交流学习、经贸 洽谈、业务拓展、提升品牌的机遇。促进内外销产品“同线同标同质”已成为国务院2017年重点工作之一。为了贯彻国务院的指示精神,主办方 将在FMA展会上,开辟“三同”产品成就展专区,将“三同”产品与进口产品同台展示,为国内“三同”企业和大 型采购商搭建对接平台,帮助“三同”企业产品扩大影响和销路。
FMA CHINA 2017 is expected to have significant improvement in scale, level and professional  
buyer invitation on theoriginal basis, with a year-on-year growth of 80% exhibitors and 120% professional visitors  respectively. Relying on the strong market demand of China, the organizer will strive to build FMA CHINA into a top  influential gathering for import food, meat, aquatic and dairy product industries in Asia-Pacific region providing an incredible  opportunity for worldwide food, meat, aquatic and dairy enterprises to learn and exchange, negotiate in economy and  commerce, develop business and enhance brand images.One of the key working points of the State Council of China in 2017 is to boost domestic and  export products to be produced on the same starting line with same standards and reach to same quality level i.e. the  “three same”. In order to implement this instructive spirit of the State Council, the host will open up a special area to  display achievements of the“three same” products in the FMA CHINA. These products will be shown at the same platform, so  as to build a matchmaking platform for domestic “three same” producers and large-scale purchasers and help  the “three same”enterprisers extend influence and market.
展出大类 | Major Exhibits
各类食品、肉类产品、水产品、乳及乳制品、葡萄酒及烈酒、果蔬、干坚果、罐头、特殊膳食、保健食品、 油脂、糖果、饮料、茶及咖啡,以及旅游(含航空、邮轮、列车)配餐食品;中央厨房、冷链物流、跨境电商、加 工技术及包装设备、检测仪器设备与材料等。
Major Exhibits
All kinds of food, meat & meat products, aquatic products, milk & dairy products, wine and  spirits, fruit & vegetable, nuts,cans, special dietary, health food, oil, candy, beverage, tea and coffee, traveling (including aviation, cruise, railway)catering food, central kitchen, cold-chain logistics, cross-border ecommerce,processing technology and packaging equipment, detecting instrument and material, etc.
参展费用 | Participation Fees
A:国内企业 :16800/展期(RMB) 3m×3m B:国外企业:4800/展期(USD) 3m×3m
标准展位(包括:三面白色壁板、中(英)文楣牌制作、咨询桌一张、折椅二张、地毯满铺、展位照明、 220V/5A电源插座一个、废纸篓一个。)
A:国内企业:1500(RMB)/平方米 B:国外企业:480(USD)/平方米
International Standard Booths:
For overseas enterprises: USD 4800/Expo; 3m×3m Each standard booth consists of 3-sided white partitions, bilingual fascia board, 1 information  
counter, 2 folding chairs, fully-flooredcarpet, 2 arm spotlights, 1 220V/5A power socket and 1 wastebasket.
I ndoor Raw Space:
For overseas enterprises: USD 480.00/Sq.m.
Note: The raw space (minimum 36 sq.m.) only supplies a show space excluding stand frames, show equipment, carpet and power supply, etc.
同期活动 | Concurrent Event
第三届国际进出口食品政策与法律法规交流会仍将作为FMA CHINA展会的首场重要活动,以中国进出口食品领 
域最高规格的国际会议阵容,继续彰显中国政府和食品安全监管部门对进出口食品安全的高度重视。该交流会将一如既往地对涉及世界各 国进出口食品法律法规、质量安全控制以及对华出口政策进行宣讲,并就海外相关组织与企业关心的“如何在中国获得市场准入”、“如何拓展中国市场”等问题进行研讨,为海外相关机构市场拓展提供绿色通道、搭建交流合作平台提供指导。活动期间,国家质检总局、农业部、卫计委 、海关总署、国外政府、技术专家、行业组织及企业代表将前来参会。
Concurrent Event
As the first of a series of important forum activities and the highest standard international meeting in FMA CHINA, the 3rd International import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit will continually illustrate great attention of the Chinese government and food safety supervision authorities to the issue of import and export food safety. The summit will, as always, carry out preach and explanation on latest international import & export food policies, laws and regulations, quality & safety control, export-to-China policies, and will study the common concerns such as “how to gain market access to China”, “how to exploit Chinese market” etc. so as to provide guidelines to gain green channel and set up a cooperation platform for relevant overseas organizations and enterprises. During the event, representatives from AQSIQ, Ministry of Agriculture, National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, General Administration of Customs, foreign governments, technical experts, industry organizations & enterprises will participate in the summit.
目标观众 | Target Audience
Target Audience
All related international industry organizations and associations in the field of food , meat,  
aquatic product, dairy product, International
organizations based in China, business and trade organizations, China offices of international  
traders, international business and trade
organizations, etc.
Dealers, agencies, traders, importers, manufactures & E-commerce in the field of food, meat,  
aquatic & dairy product industries, purchasing and
QA personnel from shopping malls, supermarkets and exclusive agencies, purchasing personnel  
from catering & hotels and western restaurants,
customers and other related personnel, etc.
Large supermarkets and ordinary supermarkets: Large supermarkets and ordinary supermarkets  
purchasing centers, purchasing managers in
the field of food, meat, aquatic and dairy products industries, managers from large  
supermarkets and ordinary supermarkets;
Coffee bars, hotels and restaurants: All hotels and night clubs and restaurants, chain  
restaurants and chain hotels;
Duty free industry: Duty free operators, ship chandlers, duty free stores, purchasing  
departments of airline companies, railway companies, and
cruise companies, etc.;
E-commerce industry: Web designers in the field of food and beverage, meat, aquatic & dairy  
products, and buyers from this websites, etc.
如欲订“FMA CHINA 2017”展位和了解更多信息,请通过以下联络方式:
To reserve the booth of “FMA CHINA 2017” or learn more information, please contact:
地址: 中国(上海)自由贸易试验区马吉路2号2001-2002室(200131)
Add: Room 2001-2002, No.2, Maji Road, Pilot Free Trade Zone, 200131, Shanghai, P.R.China
联系人:龚小姐 13651949391
电话/Tel:(86-21)3115-1073 5013-1760 
E-mail: FMA@goldenexpo.com.cn

电话:(86-21)3115-1073 5013-1760
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